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Temporary changes

DRS of North Texas is currently mediating disputes online until further notice. To request a
mediation, click here. For general inquiries, email


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to be the leading resource for alternative
dispute resolution services for our community.

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Our Mission

to serve our community by providing, promoting,
and teaching dispute and conflict resolution.

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Fraud Alert

It has come to our attention that an individual or group of individuals claiming to be
associated with “Dispute Resolution Services” is contacting individuals for the purpose
of seeking to collect a debt.This person or group is NOT associated with Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas, Inc.

If you are contacted by someone who claims to be associated with “Dispute Resolution Services”
who is seeking to collect a debt, you should consider contacting the consumer protector section of
the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Texas via the consumer Protection Hotline at
(800) 621-0508. If you are not in Texas, please consider contacting the consumer protection
section of the attorney general’s office of your state.


Dispute Resolution Services

Resolving Conflicts Out of Court

We have the experience and knowledge to effectively mediate any type of dispute. Whether you have a court order for mediation or you wish to participate in mediation on a voluntary basis, we are here to help.

We serve Tarrant County and surrounding communities by providing, promoting, and teaching dispute and conflict resolution. If you have a dispute that you would like to resolve informally outside of court, consider using a mediator to facilitate a mutually beneficial solution.


Request  A Mediation



Mediation Training

Learn the keys to success

We offer mediation training! Join us for Basic Mediation Training (40 hours) and Family Training (30 hours); both courses meet the requirements of the Texas Civil Practice and Remedies Code, Section 154.052, and the Texas Mediation Trainers Roundtable standards.

We also offer advanced mediator training in a variety of subjects. Please contact our office or  click here to view complete details.


Clients: Comment & Testimonial

“They gave me a peace of mind by providing the convenience not to go to court and feeling as if all problems were 100% resolved. Thank you for your absolute best quality services!”



Volunteers are the heartbeat of our agency.

DRS North Texas, a nonprofit organization, relies on our outstanding group of volunteers to provide mediation services to our community. Are you interested in helping your community members resolve their disputes? Once you complete the required mediation training, we hope that you will join us in making a difference to those we serve.

Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas, Inc. is a neutral provider of alternative dispute resolution services, such as mediation. DRS North Texas is a community mediation center and does not engage in consumer debt collection activity.


Court Referrals

DRS North Texas is the designated Dispute Resolution Center for Tarrant County.

We contract with Tarrant County to provide mediation services to the local community.

Save Time & Money

Benefits of Mediating

Mediation is Time and Cost Effective

You may be able to avoid much of the cost and time associated with litigation by spending a few hours in mediation!

  • Reduce time away from work. 
  • Reduce the stress of litigation.
  • Have more control over your case.
  • Finalize your case quickly.
  • Be part of the decision making.
  • Avoid lengthy proceedings.
  • Find an agreement that works for you.
  • Have your side of the case fully heard.
  • Settle out of court.
  • Move on with your life!





Any type of litigation can cost you a great deal of time and money. Litigation normally involves various court hearings, which will cost you time away from work and family; if your case goes to trial it will be even more expensive (and stressful). By comparison, mediation is often less time consuming and usually more affordable. Most sessions are completed in a single day and at DRS North Texas administrative fees are priced at a fraction of the cost of court filing fees.


Clients: Comments & Testimonials

“The mediators were great and did their job very well. The staff was welcoming and pleasant.”

“Very professional and kind at the same time. Everything was explained thoroughly. All parties were addressed equally with respect.”

“This was a very challenging case with complicated facts, multiple parties […] Somehow, despite all the challenges the mediators found a way to get this case settled! They went over and above what they needed to do, both in time and in effort, and got the job done. We are very pleased and greatly appreciative!”