Discover all that mediation has to offer!

Unsure if mediation is right for you? Hear six individuals tell of their experience mediating different disputes. For more information on how to initiate scheduling a mediation visit visit

Part 1: What Makes Mediation Effective?

Attorney-mediator John Barnes summarizes the key components of mediation that make it a powerful conflict resolution technique.

Part 4: A Unique Dispute Resolution Method

Mediation empowers parties. 

Part 2: Mediating Community and Neighbor Disputes

Dallas Councilmember Adam McGough  sees another method of resolving conflicts that addresses issues in a meaningful way.

Part 5: Conflict Resolution for Businesses

Greg Stephens, Ph.D. compares the cost of litigating a dispute to resolving issues using the mediation process.

Part 3: The Benefits of Mediating Court Cases

One advantage mediation has over litigation is it allows parties to find mutually beneficial resolutions.

Part 6: Mediating at DRS North Texas

Fort Worth Attorney Elizabeth Rivera shares how DRS North Texas has helped clients resistant to engaging in mediation.