Level II Mediation

Dispute Resolution Services of North Texas, Inc. offers you an opportunity to select your mediator through our Level II Mediation Program. The Level II mediators have extensive experience in mediation service and training. When a Level II Mediation is requested, a list of mediators and their biographies is provided for you to select the mediator whom you feel best suits your needs. Each Level II mediator has been carefully selected by our Executive Director to ensure that our extensive experience and training criteria have been met. Similar to a Level I Mediation, a Case Specialist is designated to the case. The Case Specialist is the DRS North Texas staff person who handles all case management matters: scheduling, confirmations, case paperwork, and closing the case upon completion of the mediation. By contrast, in a Level II Mediation the Case Specialist does not assign the mediator. 

The fee for Level II Mediation is two-hundred dollars, $200, yet the cost still remains much lower than most private mediators. Click here to view the current fee schedule and policies.

What are the benefits of choosing Level II Mediation?

Clients who choose Level II Mediation enjoy knowing in advance the individual who will be mediating their case. Some clients request Level II Mediation because the complexity of the case referred would be best handled by someone with expert knowledge in a specific area. Others prefer to work with one mediator versus two mediators like in a Level I Mediation.

If you are interested in requesting a Level II Mediation, please submit a Request For Services Form. If you prefer to speak with a staff person to request a Level II Mediation, please email drs@drsnorthtexas.org.